Pioneer DJM 850 (white)

Pioneer DJM 850 (white)

4-Channel Performance DJ Mixer

Variety of advanced effects including all new Beat Color FX
Built-in 24bit/96kHz high performance USB sound card
MIDI/ HID & top panel USB port for DJ software
Available in Silver, Solid Black, and New Pearl White
  • Details

    Pioneer DJ continues to make advancements in its lineup of DJ products with the launch of its DJM-850 Performance DJ mixer that brings more functionality for the growing number of DJs that utilize today’s popular DJ software. Inheriting many of the same technologies, reliability and operability of Pioneer’s industry standard DJM-900nexus mixer, the DJM-850 also features a built-in high-performance USB sound card, various functions for laptop-connected DJ performances, and the industry’s first* BEAT COLOR FX function, which changes effects by linking the audio input of each channel.

    Variety of Effects

    The DJM-850 follows Pioneer’s traditional mixer layout, featuring a variety of advanced sound effects that provide DJs with virtually limitless possibilities when mixing their music. Pioneer includes a new BEAT COLOR FX function, which changes effects by linking the audio input from each channel.

    Sound Color FX – The Sound Color FX offers four types of effects (Filter, Crush, Noise and Gate) that can be linked to the input sound of each channel.
    Beat Color FX – Users can quickly change between the new Beat Color FX and Sound Color FX to suit each tune for further remixing and sound capabilities. By activating the Beat Color FX, users are able to manipulate the Sound Color FX and Beat Effect simultaneously, resulting in more creative effects that complement the beat of the music.
    Beat Effect – The Beat Effect function presents 13 different types of effects (Delay, Echo, Up Echo <new>, Spiral, Reverb, Trans, Filter, Flanger, Phaser, Robot, Slip Roll, Roll, and Reverse Roll) that can be combined to produce up to 100 other original effects.
    Sound Quality

    The design of the DJM-850 combines broad functionality and high quality components to achieve great sound quality:

    Built-in 24bit/96kHz USB Sound card – An integrated high performance USB sound card enables up to four inputs/outputs* simultaneously with no deterioration in sound quality.
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